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Official Cases Ladder FAQs

Here is Cases Official FAQ site.   There are many good questions that will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Sales Support

This link is if you are having problems or questions about your Premium Membership.


This link is for you to send in your suggestions for improvements to the Cases or MyLeague programs.

Use this email address for questions about your Ladderbux Store purchase.


Use this to send praise for any Staff member of Cases.  

Homepage Problems

Use this link if you are having issues with your Platinum or Diamond homepages.

TD Complaint or Op Complaint

THIS IS FOR REGULAR CASES LADDERS ONLY PLEASE.   Please use the 'Contact Us' link from your Ladders main page.  Then select either the TD Complaint or Ladder Op Complaint link.  This is to complain about a member of either the TD team or Op team.   This does include complaints on the TDMs and OPMs.

Live Phone Support (Sales and Billing issues ONLY)

360.419.7165 (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM Pacific Time)

Having problems with another MyLeague?

Please have your HA contact the HA of the other league by email to try and get this resolved.
If this can not be resolved by direct contact with the other league, then have the HA submit this as an Admin Complaint using the Admin Complaint form found on their Admin menu.

General problems or questions about your MyLeague

Have one of your Admins us the 'Get Support' link from their Admin page.   This does not include problems with Premium account, problems with TD accounts, or problems with a tournament.

TD account problem or a problem with a tournament

Log into either your TD Admin page or HTD Admin page.   Click the link marked 'tourney support'.   We will get the problem resolved faster if you do use the proper link.